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View and Download DriveCam DC3 installation instructions manual online. With 24/7 secure access, the mobile app provides the important information you. How does Lytx DriveCam work? uk The Lytx™ DriveCam®. DCE file extension) outside of the DriveCam Online portal.

Through the monitoring of 4 billion driving miles, DriveCam holds the world&39;s largest database of risky driving, which is continually used to improve proprietary analytics and deliver insights. This “programmatic approach” helps clients transform their safety culture and ensures bottom-line results: preventing collisions, drivecam fraudulent claims and wasted operating expenses – while protecting their drivers and their brand. COM Step 6 Remove the unit from the mounting bracket. There is a motion sensor inside the camera that detects rapid deceleration. com DriveCam Installation DriveCam 5-Port HUB Installation How to install the DriveCam® DC3/DC3P Video Event Recorder (VER) through the 5-Port HUB Connector with the optional GPS Antenna and/or Remote Trigger. The system has both an interior and exterior camera but that does not mean it lytx drivecam manual is necessarily recording all the time. See more, know more, and do more with the Lytx Drivecam® SF-Series Event Recorders.

VIDEO EVENT RECORDER WITH PUSHBUTTON. In fact, it detects pot holes as well, and is specific enough to know the difference in. Page1of25 Lytx®FleetTracking UserGuide Lastupdated:.

Lytx’s MV+AI technology explained – how the DriveCam detects risks. The company s flagship product will now be called DriveCam, powered by Lytx, and the company will continue to offer the same driver safety. Again, recordings provide definitive proof of what happened. In this blog, we will discuss what these devices actually are, how they really lytx drivecam manual work, and the many lytx drivecam manual different benefits we are seeing from them. · Lytx noted that its new ActiveVision systems relies on the combination of three technologies: Seamless integration with in-vehicle technology and Lytx DriveCam sensors for an extensive level of.

Lytx Event Players The Lytx Event Players are proprietary standalone software programs that allow you to view DriveCam Video Event files (*. RESOURCE for SF1/SV2 event recorders. , user manuals, operating guides & specifications.

Today, Lytx said it helps protect more than 600,000 commercial and government fleet drivers under its DriveCam program. Your use of the Lytx parts store constitutes your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions. DriveCam Introduction Pack | Page 2 of 32 Introduction Firstly thank you for allowing IVCS the opportunity to present the DriveCam system for potential install into your fleet. © Lytx, Inc. Lytx drive cam user manual: 1) Thoroughly clean and dry the glass. Do not be alarmed – it is not recording.

It is the most common installation method and applies to most sedans and light vehicles with sloped windshields and standard. The specialists note what triggered the event, and then score it for any possible behavior that is deemed “coachable” or “risky. Advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence capture and accurately categorize risky driving behaviors.

The DriveCam Program – powered by the Lytx engine – identifies, prioritises and helps prevent the causes of poor driving before they lead to a collision. Coaching on recorded events will take place in a timely manner. There have been recordings saved by drivers who are witnessing accidents ahead of them in the event they are unintentionally involved.

The DriveCam mobile app allows you to quickly access your DriveCam Online information directly from your iPad device. Lytx, 9785 Towne Centre Drive, San Diego, Calif. During this download, the lights will flash red. Register for Lytx DriveCam Academy. The lenses capture audio as well as video. 92121; 866/419-5861; lytx. The DriveCam programme -powered by the Lytx engine – identifies, prioritises and helps prevent the causes of poor driving before they lead to a collision. · One year after its introduction, the Lytx ActiveVision multi-camera system with machine vision tech has been taken up by Swift Transportation, YRC, Melton Truck Lines and Cargo Transporters, among.

, was founded in 1998 by Gary Rayner. This fleet management software lacks some of the other features you&39;ll find in the competition, however. . It can passively record in a short, constant loop, but only save footage when triggered by an incident. Your DriveCam will detect most collisions your truck has, if the contact is hard enough to trigger the device. Remember, the overall objective by implementing DriveCams is to reduce time and cost of litigation, as well as develop better driving habits, and therefore improve our overall safety on the roads.

Hard Acceleration is very similar to hard braking, in that the motion sensor detects rapid movement. Lytx, formerly DriveCam, Inc. The weight of your freight can cause rollovers, but more likely, you have not taken adequate time to evaluate conditions on either side of your trailer. Failure to do so may result in property damage and/or personal injury. We welcome your comments about triggering events, and the measures you take as a professional driver to avoid setting off your DriveCam. Call or email the Lytx support team. reserves the right to revise the information presented or to discontinue the production of parts described at any time. It may start to record a pot hole event, and then self-abort the recording.

In the articles to come, we will discuss in more detail each type of triggering, and each type of coachable behavior. com Transit Industry: Driving Behaviors & Collisions Designed to provide insight for executives and managers throughout a variety of transportation industries, DriveCam’s Insights Series™ is derived from DriveCam’s extensive database of over 16. We welcome your thoughts on DriveCam below. t:/ w: www. Major fleet operators turn to DriveCam year after year because they realise millions in savings and indirect benefits when they:. Lytx Inc: At Lytx, we harness the power of data to change human behavior and help good companies become even better. · Designed for fleets who opt to disable in-cab video recordings, the DriveCam is able to detect patterns of distracted or unwanted driving behaviors inside the cab without recording video of the driver.

If there is a coachable behavior, it will be sent to one of a few of our designated Coaches, depending on your home terminal. How does the DriveCam camera work? Coachable behaviors include use of a handheld cell phone, not using a seatbelt, following too close, speeding, late response, obstructing the inside lens, judgement errors, or any number of other risky behaviors. Driving Perspective Blog. . The display lights will stay solid red until the saved event downloads to DriveCam, which usually takes place overnight.

Order Lytx parts online. The device is on a constant loop that lasts 8 seconds, until a triggering event takes place, during which it saves the previous 8 seconds, as well as the following 4 seconds, creating a 12 second clip. All Rights Reserved. And they have repeatedly shown that our P&S flatbed drivers are among the safest on the road. SF Series • Mounting Tape, Acrylic Foam, Double Sided (All ERs) • Mounting Bracket Screws, 20 pack (DC3P, SF-Series) • Extended Wiring Harness, 20ft. To start off, it is important to understand how the DriveCam system works. What is DriveCam fleet management?

Generally speaking, this triggering event is usually due to following too closely or late response. Your DriveCam thresholds are specifically tailored to the size vehicle you are driving. has changed its company name to Lytx Inc. THE LYTX DRIVECAM PROGRAMME FACTS ABOUT THE LYTX DRIVECAM PROGRAMME Our comprehensive programme 5. Look twice, act once. DC3 dash cameras pdf manual download. Download the Lytx event player.

See full list on pstrans. Back; Our Story Get to know our vision, experience, and leadership in the telematics industry. Video recordings are captured when the camera is triggered, either by a sudden change in motion (like hard braking, swerving, or collision) or a specific behavior, like cell phone use. In terms of our history of working with the DriveCam solution (since ), we. DriveCam is the foundation of all of our fleet management solutions, including the Lytx Video Platform, Driver Safety Program, Risk Detection Service and Fleet Tracking Service. They provide valuable coaching opportunities on common driving habits.

Proven to protect over 450,000 drivers in more than 500 fleets, DriveCam Powered by Lytx delivers results. is focused on coaching to. The DriveCam device mounts to a vehicle’s windshield and is set up to record the road ahead and inside of the vehicle. It will still save the previous 8 seconds and following 4 seconds. Events are first processed by DriveCam specialists. They likewise often reduce or eliminate the need for litigation in court. ER-SF1 Event Recorder with J1939 Network Instructions for Self Installation. The DriveCam camera can record the way you want.

Access self-service. ” If there is no behavior deemed coachable or risky, the event will be cleared out and will not be sent to our lytx drivecam manual Safety department. View & download of more than 10 DriveCam PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. · Lytx DriveCam Enterprise doesn&39;t list any publicly available pricing information on its website. Step 7 Make sure the guide marks on the glass are level before proceeding. DriveCam Insights No. When triggered, the DriveCam device saves a short video clip that includes footage immediately before, during, and after the event. Our Lytx DriveCams mount near the top and center of the windshield and have both forward facing, and inward facing lenses.

Rayner wanted a version of a " black box recorder " that could identify the root cause of vehicle crashes, which could then provide clues about how to avoid such accidents in the future. DriveCam video is captured by an event recorder mounted on the windscreen of. Programme is focused on protecting you and helping to ensure you get home safely by helping you to improve your driving skills. A hard braking instance will trigger your DriveCam to record the event. For deliveries outside of the United States, please email your order request to or To view the Lytx parts store terms and conditions, please click here.

Discover how risk can be detected on the road and in the vehicle using the DriveCam&39;s machine vision and artificial intelligence technology. We installed DriveCam system in our trucks in the middle of. If you have to “gun it” then you are usually better to wait for a better opportunity. The Lytx DriveCam™ Program, sets the standard for driver safety in the industries we serve, and our RAIR® Compliance Services helps DOT-regulated fleets comply with safety regulations, complementing the DriveCam® Program.

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